Health Is Fine If Pills Are On Time

Welcome to a new way of managing your medications, one touch away.

Always on the run and you once again forgot to take your pill on time? Has it gone so far that you sometimes skip the intake some days because you don’t feel any symptoms anyways? With PillerBurken you will get an easy way to improve your medication management in a fun and understandable way.

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Our goal is to provide an app that facilitates your medication management

Unique interface

Easy to understand Interface

Snooze notifications

Get notified in a fun, personalized and unique way. Want that weekend snoozer so you don't need to wake up to
take your pills? Just a click away! On the go or on an important meeting and don't have time to take your pill on
time? Get renotified earlier or later.

Select start screen

Personalize it even more

Pharmacy Map

Which pharmacy is open at the moment? Which pharmacy is the nearest? Which chain does it belong to? All answers are found in the pharmacy map

Non subsidized drugs

A list of non sub drugs makes your next pharmacy visit to a non-shocker


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